Shocks and Strut Service Volvo Cars White Marsh

Tired of driving around in a bouncy car? Looking to swap out your old shocks and struts for a new set? Ellicott City drivers can count on the Volvo Cars White Marsh service team! From routine inspections to shock and strut replacement to more involved repair needs, the Volvo Cars White Marsh team is ready to help.

When to Change your Shocks & Struts

Do you bounce excessively in your vehicle when going over a bump or pothole? Have you noticed that the nose of your vehicle tends to dive forward when you hit the brakes? If you answered yes to either of the above two questions, it might be time for you to repair or replace your shocks and struts. Westminster drivers can also check out the status of your shocks for fluid leakage. If there's any noticeable leakage from the shocks, it often means that your shocks need replacement or repair. The fluid in your shocks helps absorb the bounce from your vehicle. If your shocks are clearly leaking fluid, your vehicle is inefficiently dealing with bounce, making for a, well- bouncy ride!

Shock & Strut Replacement Symptoms

  • Dented or damaged shock/body
  • Fluid leaks
  • Cupped tires
  • Continued bounce after going over holes or speedbump
  • Heavy nosedive while braking
  • Bumpy/harsh ride quality
  • Poor steering

Shock and Strut Replacement at Volvo Cars White Marsh

Finding a dealership that you can trust with servicing your vehicle can be a difficult task. Volvo Cars White Marsh is committed to providing drivers with top-notch, modernly convenient service. Have a few questions about our service process? Baltimore drivers can reach out or our service team. Here at Volvo Cars White Marsh, our team of seasoned technicians is ready to assist drivers from Westminster to Baltimore - and beyond - with nearly any and all your service needs! Whether you're looking to schedule a service appointment or you're looking to buy a new vehicle, drivers can count on the Volvo Cars White Marsh team.

Shocks and Struts

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