Volvo Finance Center in Baltimore, MD

Looking to learn about prospective car finance options? You're in the right place! Our finance center offers Baltimore area drivers a host of tools to get a jump on the financing process! Whether you're looking to purchase a new or used vehicle, our finance center offers drivers extensive resources!

Modern Financing

We're proud to offer drivers a host of online digital retailing tools to help clarify your potential financial position. Interested in trading in your current vehicle but want to get a trade-in estimate? White Marsh drivers can head over to our value your trade page! Drivers just have to enter in a few vehicle descriptions, and then the value your trade tool will generate a vehicle trade-in estimate! What about getting an estimated monthly payment? We have a tool for that, too! White Marsh and Baltimore area drivers can head over to our estimate monthly payments tool! Drivers just have to provide a few pieces of information, and then voila - the tool will generate an estimated monthly payment! Beyond the above-mentioned tools, drivers can fill out an online finance application to get an overview or potential credit offerings and finance packages. Feel free to fill out an online finance application today!

New & Used Car Finance Options Volvo Cars White Marsh

Our team of finance experts is ready to work with Baltimore area drivers to find a finance option that fits with your needs! We understand that the finance side of things can be stressful. Our team of professionals is ready to help, hopefully making the process less stressful! Have a few finance questions? Feel free to contact our finance team!

No-Hassle Trade Evaluation
Our trade-in experts at Volvo Cars White Marsh will give you the most market reflective vehicle pricing for your used car, truck, van, or SUV.

Buy vs Lease
Buying a car is easy, how you pay for it is more involved. If you want more  information on what works better for you click here.

Quick Links to help with your financing questions:

 You've got questions we've got answers.
  A quick payment and interest calculator.
 The FTC has some info for you on vehicle financing.

Auto Finance Vocabulary

 Buying a vehicle is an easy process. Like any industry, however, the financing world has its share of odd and sometimes difficult to understand language. Here's a short list of the most common terms used during the finance process:

> APR:
The Annual Percentage Rate

> Assignment:
A transfer of a loan from one lender to another

> Base Price:
The costs of a car with standard equip incentives & freight

> Certificate of Title
A Legal document issued by a state at the time of sale.

> Co-signer:

A person who takes on a loan if the orig. borrower stops pay

> Default:
Failure to meet the terms of the loan

> Interest:
A percentage charge for a loan

Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price

> Refinance:
When one loan is used to pay off another

> Term:
The length of the loan, 24, 48, 60... months

> Underwriting:
Verifying the data used to obtain a loan
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